Hastings County Virtual Art Gallery Tour

Enjoy this lovely blog post from Hastings County’s Wildly Authentic website. A great story showcasing Hastings County artists and galleries – including Tweed and area artists Regina Alice Alexander, Bailey Brown Pottery, Barbara Bering, Martin Mobbs, Bob Pennycook, Jenny Pries, Mark Robinson, Sue VanderWey, Stevens Pottery, Diane Woodward, and Quinn’s of Tweed Fine Art Gallery.

The intro (sorry, we could not readily identify the author of the post!) should inspire you on a winter’s day… : “Hastings County is a mecca for painters and potters, especially in the north. Why is this? And, a better question, why is this not well-known?

Henri Mattisse said, “Creativity takes courage.” If that’s the case, Hastings County is brimming with courage.

When I started researching local artists and artisans in Hastings County, I had no idea that I would discover that so many visual artists live and work here. (And the number of artisans – people who work with wood, glass, fibre, metal, and photography – is equally lengthy.) My list kept growing, as did the responses to emails. So, I decided to focus exclusively on painters and potters because art inspires us – enobles us – which we all really need right now – and because Hastings County inspires so many and so much.” Enjoy!