About Us

Tweed & Area Arts Council was established by a small group of enthusiastic and community-minded volunteers in 2006. Founded on the belief that the arts are for everyone, T&AAC is a charitable organization with an open membership for artists and those who support the arts. Since then, T&AAC’s small, dedicated, and hands-on Board of Directors, members, volunteers, and donors have increasingly generated interest and participation in the arts through a multitude of events and experiences. With the development of new Strategic and Marketing Plans as well as a new website in 2022, T&AAC is well positioned to continue and expand it’s support and promotion of the arts in the region.

Board of Directors

Margot CollinsChair

Vicki McCullochVice-Chair

Robert GiguereSecretary/Treasurer

Tracey EdwardsDirector

Bonnie MarentetteDirector

Diane MonbleauDirector