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Writers' Competition
Here are the results of 2013
Winner Grades 7 - 8
Morgan Cassidy, Tweed
Topic: * Write an essay (max 500 words) on the pros and cons of social media
* Write a story (max 500 words) using the following phrase:
“There was a thunderous crash ……………”.

There was a thunderous crash... as I fell 50 feet out of a building window.

“And... CUT!!! Nice job everybody. That's a wrap for today but I want to do that again tomorrow. Practice your lines extra hard tonight and get some sleep! Tomorrow is gonna be rough!” The voice of our director Robert White echoed in my head. How could tomorrow be more rough than today. I just fell out of a building. Do I get any credit for it? No. Do I get a “Good Job Katy”? No. All I get is a big fat check signed out to Katy McNickel. That would be me. Best stunt double there is. According to my mother and everyone else I have ever been acquainted with, “Stunt Double” isn’t a real occupation. But I make good money, go to work every day, and have a boss. That sounds like a profession to me. But in the back of my head it isn’t. All I want to be is an actress. Except the big city is tough. If you want a part here you’ve got to have it all and get it all. I’m not that person.

My apartment looks the same right now as it always does. Papers everywhere, bed unmade, unwashed dishes, and dirty clothes lying in piles. I never get time to clean because I am always at work, practicing my blocking, or sleeping. I'm so tired all the time; it’s practically taking over my life. I want to quit my job but that won’t get me anywhere. So right now all I can do is hope for the better.

“McNickel! Stop dozing off! We’ve got work to do here. One more time and your fired!” Robert yelled to me. “Sorry. It’s just really early and I didn’t sleep well last night. I’ll try harder to stay awake.” To that he rolled his eyes and turned his head. In a couple of minutes I have to do my big stunt again. Every time I get up to that window and the crew put the harness on me, I feel a surge of relief and angriness. I just want to get it done and over with, but I find myself repeating the stunt every day. Today it’s a different feeling. Happiness.

There was the thunderous crash again. I hear it every day and it won’t leave my mind. But instead of annoyed, I was glad to hear it. As I made my way to the ground I could hear my heart beating a mile a minute. The faster I fell to the ground the faster its beat. I don’t know why. But I think I will know soon.

I am only 10 seconds from the ground and the harness breaks. I don’t know why, and I don’t know how; but I know that wherever it is I am going today, I’ll be HAPPIER.