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Writers' Competition
Here are the winners of 2011
Winner Grade 1-3
Isaac Beatty, grade 3
St. Carthagh student, Tweed.
Topic: Write a poem or a short story about your favourite PET or TOY. ( 1-2 pages)
Describe the PET or TOY and tell why you like it. Include a picture.

Winner Grade 4-6
Liam Best, grade 4
SH Connor student, Tweed
Topic:Interview a member of your family and tell their story. (max 400 words)
* Write a poem about the environment.
"My Favourite Toy"

This is my favorite toy.
It's fun for girls and boys.

It is colorful.
It is wonderful.

Put them together, they stick.
It comes in kits.

One thing I know,
I love Lego.

Grimy summer air,
lots of disgusting, vile stenches left to stay by the fair.

Please, stop chopping down our beautiful trees!
Smokey, dirty cities.

Allright. listen up little kiddies.
This has got to stop.

Help me to make
Winner Grade 9-12
Casey DeVries St-Jacques, grade 9
CHSS student,Tweed
Topic: Write an essay entitled: 'Leadership'. Explain what you think are the most important qualities for a leader in school, politics or in the world. (max 500 words)
Write an essay entitled: 'Where I see myself in ten years'. (max 500 words)
Write a poem on climate change.
'Never Let Me Go'

A wonderful wife, three kids and a home,
Around the neighbourhood the family was known.

A life of happiness, memories and laughter,
The determined future of 'happily ever after'.

But this world changing as I speak,
Money, wealth, urbanizing at it's peak.

Things people want but don't really need,
The old days are ruined - simple, no greed.

Happy no more, this man had a crave,
To get out and leave from the crashing down wave.

Was there a place so wild and free,
Somewhere with so little but with so much to see.

He looked on the map and knew right away,
The place he would go but his heart pulled to stay.

This would not be a trip - a vacation for fun,
But to enjoy another culture, live and stun.

The man researched, planned and packed up to go,
Then sat down with his family for they must now know.

"I love you all so much, you are the light to my sun,
but I must do this for me, my adventures are not yet done".

His wife knew he felt this way for a while,
but she wanted him to feel better about life and finally smile.

His kids said nothing, confused and sad,
"I'll be back, don't worry" said their own dad.

He went over and kissed each one of their heads,
Then put them to sleep in each of their beds.

A tear slowly rolled down his wife's face,
He hugged her so tight, the tightest embrace.

He walked out the door bags in hand,
It was so hard, more than he could stand.

But as he looked back he smiled, excitement had lifted.
For Africa awaited the man, ever so gifted.
Winner Adults
Alfred Fraser, Ivanhoe
Topic: Write an essay entitled: 'The Most Important Federal Election Issue'. (max 500 words)
Write an essay entitled: 'If I knew then what I know now'. (max 500 words)
Write a poem entitled: 'Our Changing World'.
'My Changing World'

As life grows short, our thoughts go back to search the remnants of the past,
To analyze some choice we made, to question schemes that did not last.
Or just perhaps to wonder why, this complex world is so unkind,
To burden life in ways that make true happiness so hard to find!

When I was young, I thought your love, would bring contentment pure and sweet,
And for a while in tranquil bliss, the joys of life lay at our feet.
Then time revealed a hidden truth, that dampened love within your heart,
Our fragile grasp on happiness soon faded as we grew apart.

Since love had failed, I thought that wealth would bring a joy that would endure,
And so I worked year after year, to make my fortune more secure.
At each plateau I saw above, another goal; another need;
Instead of joy this growing wealth, controlled my every thought and deed.
So in despair I turned to fame, to find a way to reach my quest,
At every turn I gave my all, to rise above the very best.
I left behind old friends and ways; to make my mark; to cast my spell;
Now people crowd my every move, and life is but a prison cell.

Then from my night a truth came forth, to cast aside the chains that bind,
'Happiness comes from deep within, for it is just a state-of-mind'.
To bring it forth just be content, let go the sword and dry your tears,
'Twas then I knew that happiness, had lived within me all these years,
Waiting to be freed.

To look at last into the past, if I knew then what I know now,
Those wasted years, so filled with tears, I would reclaim should fate allow.
But joyful yet, without regret, my changing world is now complete,
I am content that fate has sent, the truth that now lay at my feet,
A truth that set me free.