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Tweed & Area
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Decorated Watering Cans Silent Auction
until August 24, 2013

The summer fundraiser for the Tweed & Area Arts Council concluded at the end of August. A total of almost $1400 was raised towards the upkeep and future renovations at the Marble Arts Centre.
We would like to thank the Food Company, Heritage Centre, Moira Place, Tweed Public Library and the Horticultural Society for allowing us to display them at their locations and events over the months of June, July and August.
This display aroused a great deal of interest and appreciation of the many talented local artists living in our community. We would like to thank them all for donating their time, creativity and talent to making this a success.

CLICK HERE for the final bidding recipients of the watering cans.

1-D. Woodward  2-M.Child  3-B. Pennycook  4-S. Rightmyer  5-C. Herbertson  6-S. Ivison  7-B. McLean
8-S. Cavers  9-S. Sabin  10-C. Hardy  11-B. Marentette  12-M. Child  13-Moira Place  14-S. Vander Wey
15-T. Anderson  16-R. Vander Wey  17-L. Myrie  18-E. Vander Wey  19-Moira Place  20-E. Williams

Artist: Diane Woodward

"It's a small world, but it's taking me forever to paint it." Dianne has painted temples in India and the Bahamas, murals in mexico and everything within reach for the last 37 years. She has had more than 30 big solo exhibitions ; 2 at the Canadian Museum of Nature. Dianne and her home have been featured on TV on "WeirdHomes", "On the Road Again", "Regional Contact" and most recently "Explore the Four" and in lots of magazines. She lives, paints and teaches Yoga in Madoc, in colour. The watering can was inspired by Jungle Truck Art.
Artist: Meriel Child

Before retiring to Tweed 10 years ago, Meriel was Site Manager at the Claude Watson School for Performing Arts. Her artistic pursuits are eclectic ranging from stained glass, mosaic garden decorations, quilting, twig furniture, upholstery, painting and anything else which catches her interest as she is unable to settle on one in particular and wants to try everything.
Artist: Bob Pennycook

Bob Pennycook creates art from his studio in Tweed. He is an acrylic painter whose award winning work has been in many juried shows throughout North America. His work is also in private collections in Israel, Japan, Australia , the U.S. and Canada. He teaches art throughout North America and contributes to instructional art magazines. His work is also licensed to the gift, paper and housewares industry through his agent, Parcai Designs, in Dallas, Texas.

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Artist: Susan Rightmyer

Susan Rightmyer is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art. Presently she resides in Toronto with her two cats but enjoys a family cottage in Tweed. Although she has collaborated with artists south of the border, her artwork is displayed on many buildings in the Toronto area. Susan has dabbled in different media ranging from murals to gilding but her real passion is life drawing and portraiture.
Artist:Carole Herbertson

Carole has designed and built costumes for L.E.P. Theatre Company for 12 years, the Sudbury Theatre Company for 4years and the Belleville Theatre Guild for 7 years. She took up quilting 12 years ago and has sold items in stores in Sudbury, Belleville and Tweed. She “sort of retired” to Tweed 11 years ago but is very active volunteering with various organizations in the area.
Artist:Shirley Ivison

Shirley, since her youth has been engaged in some form of art. Pencil sketching then, working with textiles: dressmaking, upholstery, batik and quilted art wall hangings which she occasionally creates today.
She has been involved in the evolution of Santa Claus for over 20 years in the form of figurative art; experimenting with molding fabric to form faces and hand sewn costumes interpreting Santa as he has appeared throughout history.These figures have been well collected from coast to coast to coast in Canada, across the US and off shore.

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Artist:Barb McLean

Barb has been a resident of the Tweed / Madoc area for the last 14 years. She has a passion for painting and has been doing so since she was 18 years old. Forever a student of the Arts, always believing that you never stop learning. Her favourite mediums to work with are acrylics, watercolours and pastels. portraiture.
Artist:Suzanne Cavers

Suzanne's first attraction to the visual arts other than enjoying many beautiful kinds of art began when I had the opportunity of feeling clay in my hands and molding a huge pot out of slabs of clay, texturing it with vinegar and seeing the wonderful colour combinations and forms arising from the little crystals subjected to the heat of the kiln. What colour does all on its own! Later after a nursing career she began to wonder if she could have something in her that would result in "putting brush to paint and paint to paper". She began doing this at the A.G.O. over a number of years though in a rather disjointed fashion according other obligations of heart and soul. It remains the joy of expression and the love of colour from which her paintings arise.
Artist:Saga Sabin
Originally from England, Saga achieved a Medical degree from the University of Sheffield and Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, London university, She is now a retired Psychiatrist and medical columnist. Saga immigrated to Alberta in 1975 and moved to Ontario in 2011 where she and her husband have a 75 acre farm where they raise sheep and llamas. She always enjoyed drawing and painting and completed Art courses and workshops through Loyalist College, U of Edmonton. A felting course with Marion Casson, inspired Saga to try felted fibre art. She is a successful participant in many juried shows in the area. Her work can be found across Canada and in England, France and the USA.

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Artist:Cathy Hardy

Cathy is an Art Supply Store owner and artist from Madoc, Ontario. She has been painting for 8 years after a severe accident which left her completely disabled. She indulged into the arts as therapy and teaches weekly classes in her studio and online classes via the internet.
www.hardyshobbies.com - Art Store website
www.hardys artstudio.com - Art Classes website
www.hardysartgallery.com - Art Gallery website
Artist:Bonnie Marentette

Bonnie is a retired Family Studies Teacher who has sewn for most of her life. She has turned this love into a business "It's Sewn Right" which concentrates mainly on repairs, alterations etc. Her other interest is in finding and constructing costumes for local theatre companies.
Artist:Meriel Child

Before retiring to Tweed 10 years ago, Meriel was Site Manager at the Claude Watson School for Performing Arts. Her artistic pursuits are eclectic ranging from stained glass, mosaic garden decorations, quilting, twig furniture, upholstery, painting and anything else which catches her interest as she is unable to settle on one in particular and wants to try everything.

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Artists: Created by the Residents of Moira Place Long Term Care Home 2013

Artist:Sue Vander Wey

Sue has been an artist, mother and country dweller at her farm in the Tweed area for many years. Most often she uses soft pastel, a chalk- like material which makes for richly-coloured "painting". She has worked with a realistic style to make portraits and landscapes, animals and still life, hoping to portray the spirit and beauty in these images. She has participated in local art shows and shows work at Quinn's of Tweed Fine Art Gallery. For this project she used acrylic paint and took the opportunity to play a little and to convey the rhythm and joy of a "walk in the park"
Artist:Tara Anderson

Tara grew up in Toronto and studied illustration & fine art at the Ontario College of Art & Design. A folk artist as well as well as an illustrator her driving influence is her passion for children's literature. She was a bookseller for many years with Mabels Fables Children's Bookstore This aided her development as a picture book illustrator. A painting vacation brought her to Tweed in 2005 and she never left. Her illustration career began as a cover artist in 2005 and since then she has published 2 books, That Stripy Cat & Nat the Cat Can Sleep Like That. Both feature the antics and postures inspired by the cats who roam her farmhouse. Check her out at gingercatpress.etsy.com

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Artist:Regina Vander Wey

Regina grew up in the Tweed area on a farm and has always enjoyed the outdoors. Painting, like working out in the garden, two of her favourite pastimes, are like a form of meditation for her. Like the farm, they bring her peace.
Artist:Linda Myrie

Linda is a local artist who specializes in Commercial Art, Billboards and Store Signs. Her work can be seen in many of our surrounding communities but probably the most visible examples of her art to our many tourists are the many colourful, painted fire hydrants for which our town is famous.
Artist:Emily Vander Wey

Emily grew up on the same farm as her father and his 9 siblings. She enjoys being creative and spending time outdoors. She also plays the piano and enjoys photography. Emily believes that music has the power to motivate, inspire and bring people together. You can express your dreams through music, whether you listen to it, dance to it, sing or play. Feel the music and follow your dreams!

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Artists: Created by the Residents of Moira Place Long Term Care Home 2013

Artist:Ellen Williams

This is a first attempt at art by Ellen Williams, healer and energy worker. She uses the wok of Dr. Masaru's experiments with water and words The premise is that water takes on the effect of energy directed at it. In this case the words "grow\' and "green" are written on the sides of the watering can, blessing the water inside to encourage growth in the plants that it nourishes.

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1. Truck House Jail
artist: Diane Woodward
Jen Mulligan

2. Sisters
artist: Meriel Child
Elaine Vannest

3. Tulips
artist: Bob Pennycook
Don Degenova

4. Shell Shock
Artist: Susan Rightmyer
Elaine Vannest

5. Garden Party
Artist: Carole Herbertson
Kathy Shaw

6. Santas of Yesteryear
Artist: Shirley Ivison
Don Degenova

7. Bee Thankful
Artist: Barb McLean
Pam Joho

8. Mystic Watering
Artist: Suzanne Cavers
Don Degenova

9. Poppies
Artist: Saga Sabin
Kathy Shaw

10. Destiny
Artist: Cathy Hardy
Don Degenova

11. Sew Much Fun
Artist: Bonnie Marentette
Lorna Frabach

12. Mexican Fiesta
Artist: Meriel Child
Carole Herbertson

13. Help Us to Remember
Artists: Moira Place
Kathie Rouse

14. A Walk in the Park
Artist: Sue Vander Wey
Pam Joho

15. Up on the Clouds
Artist: Tara Anderson
Curtis Canniff

16. I'm in the Garden
Artist: Regina Vander Wey
Trixie Barrow

17. The Little Mermaid
Artist: Linda Myrie
Carole Edwards

18. Singing Dreams
Artist: Emily Vander Wey
Donna Broek

19. A Walk in the Garden
Artists: Moira Place
Mary Lou Munro

20. Endless Growth
Artist: Ellen Williams
Karen Bailey

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