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'The Scarecrow Contest 2006'
was the first scarecrow contest. It was held in partnership with the 'Tweed Fall Festival'. Here are the entries for 2006.

Each photo is a link to an enlargement

The First Annual Scarecrow competition was a huge success with 48 official entries, although there were many more scarecrows on the streets of Tweed than were entered.

Thank you to Stan Meeks and Wanita DeVries who were our judges and took photographs of all the entries. They had some very difficult choices to make as the standard was very high. We are looking forward to next year, when we expect that there will be many more entries.

The winners were:
Scariest - Brandon, Johnathan, Justin & Jacob Wales; Recyclable - Don Herbertson;
Most Creative - Bruce & Kateina Hates; Traditional - Cathy Shalla & Susan Paranuik;
Schools - Tweed Hungerford S.S. Class 4L; Themed Business-Tweed Valu-Mart

BMO entry
Bank of Montreal

valu mart entry
Valu Mart -
Themed Business Winner



Anderson family entry
The Anderson Family

don herbertson entry
Don Herbertson -
Recyclable Winner
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