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We try to keep everyone up to date with our progress by means of the local media. Here are some news releases for the current year.


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Tweed/November 3, 2010
Tweed National Theatre presents Fall Follies in Actinolite
by Lacy Meeks - The Tweed News

TNT members put on an enjoyable show
Jane Foster, Nancy Gaylord and Kathy McIlroy played three friends involved in a secret food club in The Three Million Dollar-Lunch. The play was one of several skits performed at the Marble church Arts Centre on october 23rd and 24th. The show entitled Fall Follies was presented by the Tweed National Theater. TNT members are hoping to present a spring Run Off production in the new year.

After an over six year hiatus the Tweed National Theatre is once again delivering top notch community theatre to the community. The latest production, Fa11 Follies, comprised of a variety of skits and musical entertainment was reminiscent of the Spring Run Off productions presented bY TNT in earlier years. The show was held at the Marble Church Arts Centre, with an evening performance on Saturday, October 23rd, and a matinee

performance on the following Sunday. Over all the show was an upbeat production offering up plenty of laughs. Saturday evening's performance welcomed a larger turnout than the Sunday afternoon show time, which may have been a result of the dreary weather on Sunday. For all those who did make it to the show, they were not disappointed as the production went off without a glitch thanks largely in part to the preparation by the many volunteers.

The show kicked off with a performance from Scott Pettigrew, Kory Putman and Brett Mann. The trio opened up with "Old Tweed Town." The musical skit was wrapped up with a rendition of "I'm my own grandpa", which the crowd enjoyed as they sang along.

"Who's on First" was performed by Jos. Pronk and Brian Wallace. This skit was an audience favourite. The crowd was left laughing out loud at the fantastic teamwork of Pronk and Wallace. Francis and Jen Woodcock performed a few songs for the audience before young

actresses, Carly Ahola, Darien Ahola, Rhegan BuSh and Amanda Shipley stole the stage with their sensational singing voices. This skit was directed by Katie Marlin and included two songs from 'Do Wop Wed Widing Hood'.

The Three Million Dollar Lunch was the show's main skit. Directed by Carolynne Campbell, with a cast full of talented actors, the show was very enjoyable. The story line takes place in the future in a time where food is illegal and monitored by a food control board. With black-market farms and "food dealers", the show offered up a very original story line.

The Fall Follies wrapped up with songs by Kim Dafoe. Her powerful voice was a hit with audience members who especially enjoyed her closing song, My Favourite Things.

Photo by Lacy Meeks
Tweed/October 27, 2010
Kiwanis Club support youth theatre
- The Tweed News

On October 20th, the Kiwanis Club of Tweed presented a cheque to the Tweed and Area Arts council in support of their upcoming Youth Theatre Training program. The 'Youth Theatre Camps' are scheduled for the months of November 2010 and February 2011 .

Shown in photo from left: Bob Giguere, President Tweed Kiwanis; David Cronhielm, Wayne Kay, Don Herbertson, Bob Sills and Tim Porter. Anyone interested in the 'Youth Theatre Camps" are encouraged to contact Tim Porter.

Photo submitted

Tweed/October 13, 2010
TNT is back on stage
by Maril Swan - The Tweed News

After a long absence, the Tweed National Theatre (TNT) is back and rarin' to go with its fun-filled "Fall Follies". The performances of skits, songs and dances will be presented at the Marble Church Arts Centre in Actinolite.

TNT president Carolynne Campbell stated, "The show will be a fast-paced, light- hearted blend of theatre, song and dance.

It marks the return of TNT and the first of many shows at our new venue. We think it will be a crowd-pleasing hit." The cast and crew are a mixture of TNT regulars from its early days and some newcomers to theatre and production. TNT is well known for its blockbuster productions of such favourites as Man of La Mancha, Oliver, the Sound of Music and Grease. In

years past, TNT presented their very popular Spring Run-off annually, a hilarious and entertaining revue show, which is the inspiration for Fall Follies.

Performances for Fall Follies are Saturday, October 23, at and Sunday, October 24 . For more information, contact Carolynne Campbell at 613-478-6178.

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Tweed/Aug 25, 2010
Cocktails for Two Hundred presented at Tweed Marble Church Arts Centre
by Lacy Meeks - The Tweed News

Adding some South American Flare
Ashley Keefer and Tim Porter performed Cocktails for Two Hundred at the Marble Church Arts Centre on August 14th. This was the final show of the season for IANA Theatre Company. The production included comical lyrics, many with a South American influence.

IANA Theater Company presented their last show of the season at the Marble Church Arts Centre on August 14th.'Cocktails for Two Hundred' took audience members on a hilarious journey of an eccentric lady and her dull, almost ex-husband. The show included enjoyable music, beautiful song and laugh out load lyrics. All in all the show proved to be an audience favourite.

Tim Porter, Artistic Director of IANA Theatre Company, performed along side Toronto based actress Ashley Keefer. The duo performed with limited use of props, costumes or sets. Music stands were used throughout the performance,

which Porter explained prior to the evening's performance enabled the cast to refer to the script and music throughout the show. This style of performance art is called "in concert" and it's becoming more popular as it allows performers the freedom to be involved in more shows because they are not forced to learn every line.

This was IANA's first full season of production. Cast and crew members are no doubt pleased with their tremendous success and Tweed audiences are definitely looking forward to what next year will bring.

Photos by Lacy Meeks

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Tweed/Aug 25, 2010
An evening at the Marble Church Arts Centre
by Shannon Binder Bray - The Tweed News

Dancers Victoria Slager and Lauren Corinda,
opened for blues/fold singer Eugene Smith, during an unforgettable evening at the Marble Arts Centre August 7th.

Eugene Smith

Council members and friends enjoyed an evening of drama and blues the evening of August 7, at the Marble Church Arts' Centre in Actinolite.

Guests first experienced a dramatic dance between Toronto dancers Victoria Slager and Lauren Corindia. The pair brought magic to the stage as they told a wordless story of conflict and resolution, moving to Rhapsody in Blue by Gershwin.

Fifty-seven year old Slager created the Tweed dance company We Dance/Nous Dansons 32 years ago, assisted by her sister, Roely DeVries. "She brought dance to Tweed," said former student and family friend Jennifer Ayer of Slager. The Tweed dance company travelled through-out Ontario and one summer received recognition in 75 newspapers province wide.

Today Slager teaches dance at, Brampton's Mayfield Secondary School, choreographs for a multitude of Toronto dance companies and is artistic director to the Blue Ladies and Runaway Brides companies.

Providing the opening act for bluesifolk singer Eugene Smith, Slager danced with 23 year old

Corindia from Lindsay. Corindia has been dancing since the young age of three and is currently with the Toronto company Disciples of Dance.

Following the vivid movements of Slager and Corindia, Smith took to the stage and brought with him two sets of classic and original tunes, set to a folky beat and dotted with humour, audience engagement and a love of storytelling.

Adding to Smith's uniqueness', he played a four string tenor guitar, which replaced the original tenor banjo used in Dixieland jazz and played a jaw harp for the audience. Originally used by the jugbands of the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas and Mississippi, a jaw harp is a simple, metal mouth harp that history can be traced back to 4th century BC China.

Originally from Toronto, Smith lives on Vancouver Island and travels to Ontario for concerts across the ,province for up to three months a year. An evening at the Marble church Arts centre ; Art breaking entertainment

Photos by Shannon Binder Bray

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Tweed/June 16, 2010
by Rodger Hanna - The Tweed News

Tweed and Area Arts Council and Tweed Kiwanis Club
team up for a one-of-a-kind fundraiser with Elvis' Goat Elvis

Want to look after Elvis' Goat Elvis? Well Tweed and Area Arts Council will give you just that opportunity. The contest is now on with the proceeds to TAAC and the Tweed Kiwanis Club.
Colonel Dave Cochrane, (second from right), and Chief Warrant Officer Kevin West received immunity and a plaque from TAAC. Colonel Cochrane spoke with the Municipality of Tweed Council about his plans and priorities for 8 Wing Trenton.
From left Wayne Kay, TAAC, Jo-Anne Albert, Reeve, Chief Warrant Officer Kevin West, Elvis, Colonel Dave Cochrane and Retired Lt. Gen, Jack Vance.

When you think of Elvis you think of the obvious. But the Tweed and Area Arts Council (TAAC) wants you to think something different.And that it is.

Elvis is not the Elvis we are familiar with but Elvis is Elvis' goat and TAAC is giving you the opportunity to look after Elvis' goat Elvis while he is away from his Tweed location.

TAAC along with the Tweed Kiwanis Club are holding a contest in which you can look after Elvis. This is a different type of fundraiser for the local organizations, a fundraiser that will draw the attention of people and for them to nominate someone to look after Elvis' goat.

Wayne Kay, Business Advisor, TAAC, noted that because of the downturn in the local economy, Elvis wants to help turn things around. Kay said "Elvis has developed a plan. He has set out to visit Paul A, stage their comeback as a group. They intend a revival of Diana and the logistics for a thriller of a Las Vegas tour." The proceeds will benefit the community.

The fundraiser was announced at the recent Municipality of Tweed Council meeting in which CFB Trenton Base Commander Col. Dave Cochrane also met with Council. The Colonel had the opportunity to meet Elvis'goat Elvis and listen to how the unique fundraiser will work. Kay noted that the fundraiser works like this. For $5.00 a person can provide the

names of three people who they would like to see mind Elvis' goat. TAAC will then contact each of those persons explaining to them that they have a chance to win the opportunity to mind Elvis' goat. But for $10 they can buy "goat insurance" to protect themselves from being entered into the raffle and the ultimate responsibility of having to look after El vis' goat Elvis. TAAC also invented blanket insurance just for this fundraiser as $20.00 can get you total insurance as to not be nominated. Kay provided this insurance to the Colonel.

Tickets went on sale for this unique fundraiser on June 8th and will be available from TAAC and Kiwanian members.

Kay noted that they are having a lot of fun with this promotion as they (TAAC) and Council have had positive discussions about the fundraising efforts.

The money raised from this event goes towards TAAC and the Kiwanis Club of Tweed as both organizations use the funding for community functions.

Nominate someone to look after Elvis as she is friendly and "will assist in keeping the lawn trim," said Kay.

Photo by Rodger Hanna

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Tweed/May 19, 2010
by Lacy Meeks - The Tweed News

Cast and crew members of A Taste of Broadway
From left Jocelyn Perry, Promoter, Julie Kevan, Performer, Tim Porter, Performer and Artistic Director, Sarah Strange, Performer, Jordann Zaza, Musical Director, Pianist, Emily Mewett, Stage Manger and Daniel Porter, Sound Board Operater and Graphic Designer.

IANA Theatre Company presented
A Taste of Broadway at the Marble Church Arts Centre in Actinolite on Sunday, May 16th. The trio of Tim Porter, Julie Kevan and Sarah Strange all gave fantastic performances. These very talented young actors led the audience through an evening of popular broadway music.

Throughout the evening audience members could be caught tapping their toes to the familiar catchy tunes and swaying to the lively music provided by the talented musical director, Jordann Zaza. The show went off without a hitch thanks to the efforts of promoter Jocelyn Perry and stage manager, Emily Mewett.

he Marble Church Arts Centre proved to be an ideal venue for the show, creating an intimate atmosphere with wonderful acoustics.

The powerful voice of Julie Kaven was a true delight. Her voice was full of emotion as she sang throughout the evening. Julie, originally from the Perth area, had the support of several family members in the audience, some coming from as far away as Ottawa to see her perform. Julie currently resides in Toronto and will be moving to Prince Edward Island shortly to work in performing arts for the summer.

Sarah Strange, also has a Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines as a lead singer. She has spent time performing with a jazz trio in the southern US. She has also performed in New York.

power house voice that captured the notes splendidly. She added humour to her songs and had the audience laughing outloud. Sarah began her career aboard the Tim Porter, the Artistic Director of IANA Theatre Company, accompanied these lovely ladies in providing the audience with an enjoyable evening of entertainment. Tim graduated from St. Lawrence College Musical Theatre Performance Program. Since then he has had great success in his young career as a performer, writer, and director. He has been in numerous productions and has performed in communities across Canada. .

In 2007 Tim founded IANA Theatre Company which continues to grow and includes some of Canada 's most talented young entertainers A Taste of Broadway is the first of three productions to be performed at the Marble Church Arts Centre in Actinolite by the IANA Theatre Company. If you missed A Taste of Broadway make sure you get your tickets for the next show scheduled for July 16th and 17th early! The production, entitled Tweed, is described as "a fictional story of the founding of a small town in Ontario, based on true events ." The production will feature local artists as well as season three winner of Canadian Idol, Melissa O'Neil!

IANA's first ever performance was held in Tweed in the winter of 2007. The show, entitled A Christmas Spectacular was held at St. Edmund's Hall in Stoco. The humorous rendition of several well loved Christmas stories will no doubt be remembered by all who attended the show. Coming back to Tweed to perform at the Marble Church Arts Centre in three different shows will give the Tweed community an opportunity to see the talent that this theatre company possesses.

Photo by Lacy Meeks

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Tweed/May 12, 2010
by Roseann Trudeau - The Tweed News

The Marble Church Arts Centre in Actinolite will be the venue on May 16 for A Taste of Broadway presented by Iana Theatre Company. This will be the second performance in Tweed by the lana Theatre Company that made their debut in Tweed the fall of 2007.

A Taste of Broadway will have you dancing in the aisles and screaming for more.Featuring three beautiful ladies, Miss Sarah Strange, Miss Julie Kevan and Miss Amanda Struthmann who will be replaced by Tim Porter. This show will take you on a magical journey through the realm of musical theatre that you will never forget. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll sing along and you'll be guaranteed an all round good time . Featuring music from such broadway classics as Mamma Mia, The Sound of Music,

Annie, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Fiddler on the Roof and many more. This show is sure to have something for everyone. It should prove to be a spectacular evening of musical theatre that will take you away from your worries for a little while.

Sarah Strange is very enthusiastic about A Taste of Broadway and claims, "It will be a good night with old tunes and some new ones."

Julie Kevan is thrilled to be part of A Taste of Broadway. She exclaims, "It is fun and fabulous. It is a wonderful show, a piece of entertainment everyone can enjoy."

Tim Porter, founder of Iana Theatre Company grew up in Tweed, attended St. Carthagh's School, St. Theresa's School and St. Lawrence College graduating from the Musical Theatre Performance Program.

Since graduating, he has toured Ontario with Touring Players Theatre Company, worked on shows with some of the best performers in Toronto. Tim spent six seasons with the Stirling Festival Theatre working on eight productions.

Tim 's brother is a graphic designer who works with him operating the sound board for the productions and helps with graphic design. Tim's mother who is a teacher in Tweed made the set for A Taste of Broadway.

Tim Porter
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Tweed/May 12, 2010
Young Family play to capacity crowd
by Rodger Hanna - The Tweed News

The first performance at the Marble Church Arts Centre featured The Young Family with a capacity crowd enjoying the music.

The " Alberta Young Memorial Jamboree" not only had the Young Family (Gary,Brad and Jeff) playing but also featured many talented local artists helping to raise money for a new sound system for the Marble Church Arts Centre. Once the sound system is installed at the centre it will have an insignia in memory of Alberta Young. At the performance on Friday evening other artists included Cathy Whalen, Bill White, Barry and Sheila Calthorpe, Roely Devries, Wanita Devries, Doreen Black, Graham, Carolyn Gray etc.

Gord Don Herbertson, Tweed and Area Arts Council, commented that the Marble Church Arts Centre has come a long way in a short time. He explained that the stained glass in the former Actinolite United Church has been repaired along with the windows. "The work iscontinuing," said Herbertson. He joked with the crowd in attendance saying "this is one of the GTA's (greater Tweed area) treasures, the opening ofthe church .

During the course of many performances by the Young Family in the past several years over $15,000 has been raised locally with the money going towards many community organizations and functions. This is another example where the funding

for this show will help future performances at the Marble Church Arts Centre.

The evening was highly I successful foi the first event at the Marble Church as $1200 was raised at the door through the sale of tickets, and to top off the evening the Young Family donated $500 making the total to $1700. The acoustics are great in the former church and once the new sound system is installed the acoustics will be even better for any musical event or performance.

There are many events planned at the Arts Centre this summer. Watch The Tweed News for upcoming events or visit www.tweedartscouncil.ca.

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Tweed/February 24, 2010
Marble Church Arts Centre preparing for a busy summer
by Rodger Hanna - The Tweed News

Plans are well underway for this coming summer at the Marble Church Arts Centre as the renovations are nearing completion and with that the start of a busy summer scheduling season.

In 2008 the Tweed and Area Arts Council acquired the former Actinolite United Church to prepare to bring the former church into a performing arts centre. The renovations have never stopped and are continuing with the help of the community and funding announcements.

TAAC is pleased to announce that former Tweed resident Tim Porter who owns his own production company will be performing three musicals at the Arts Centre this summer. Porter, 23, and his company 'Iana' will be doing three major musicals on May 16th, July 16th & 17th and August 14th. Porter will be bringing his theatre group into Tweed for the musicals that will surely be very entertaining and a good way to open the Arts Centre. While attending St.Theresa Secondary School in Belleville, Porter began acting in plays which took him to the Stirling theatre where he performed for six seasons. He lives in Toronto now.

Porter will be bringing his theatre group into Tweed for the three shows that begin with 'A Taste of Broadway,' a broadway revue on May 16th. The show will feature three professional singers, comedy as it will be a very funny show. The show will have a montage and lots of fun

broadway acts. The July 16th and 17th shows will be 'Tweed!', A New Canadian Musical. Porter and Andre Morin, a Madoc native, wrote the play dealing with the history of Tweed. Porter explains that 'it is a love story with crazy stuff happening.' The final performance in mid summer on August 14th is 'Cocktails For Two Hundred', a Musical Comedy. The show is what Porter's company would like todo with his company, focus on Canadian content and bring Canadians back into the limelight.

It should be a fun time this summer for Porter and the TACC in preparing for the summer performances.

Roely DeVries, Vice Chair, TAAC, explained that she went to see Porter's performance in 2007 when he did a show in Stoco. 'It was all young people promoting theatre in Tweed.' Once TACC took possession of the Arts Centre, DeVries started to talk about the possibility of Porter coming to the Arts Centre when it opened. Porter said he isexcited about coming to Tweed this summer. He added that for the July show 'Tweed!' his company will be workshopping in Tweed and casting some Tweed residents for the show. Those residents will be performing in the show and leading up to the show they will be practicing in preparation. Auditions will be in May. Porter will be going across Canada beginning March 1st with 'Doodle Bops' a CBC kids' show. In Tweed he will be behind the scenes for the shows.

DeVries noted that there will be a full line up of events for 2010 that will be announced at a later date. She added that the renovations are still being done but the Arts Centre will be ready for the first of the events. Tickets for the shows will be available at The Tweed News or online at www.ia's company will construct the sets for each of the shows as they will have designs taken from the community, 'recycled stuff', said Porter.

The acoustics for the shows should be very good in the former United Church that holds approximately 150 people.

To accommodate the shows the Arts Centre is renovating the stage and also constructing a back stage for the actors and crew. 'It will be a great multi purpose centre,' said Porter. The actors that Porter will bring with him for the shows will be billeted in Tweed. They will be able to see first hand what it is like living in this area and Porter's home town.

DeVries explained that things are progressing nicely at the centre adding 'now is the exciting part.' She also said 'it feels that the community wants this (Arts Centre).' DeVries also confirmed that TAAC is hoping to revive the Tweed National Theatre as plans will include auditions and shows.

Plans for this summer are shaping up nicely with more events planned at the Arts Centre. It will be a veryenjoyable summer season.

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