Brian Massey
'Luna Negro'
Mixed Media Artist ~ Native Crafts
Native Mask
"Native Mask" - by Brian Massey

"Hand Painted Drum"
- by Brian Massey

Since his youth he has always been fascinated with aboriginal arts and crafts and wherever he traveled he would seek out these works.

Not being able to afford Gallery prices, he began a journey which has taken many twists and turns.

In 1985, he discovered the calming and healing aspects that comes with doing beadwork. He has since added the media feathers, leather and bone to his portfolio.

I practice the 'Luna Negro' philosophy through my exquisite contemporary craft designs emulating the styles of First Nations People. Each piece is a one of a kind made with respect and ceremony.

'Luna Negro', (Black Moon) is based on a central and core philosophy, that actively seeking cultural exchange is the best way to tear down the walls of ignorance.
- Brian Massey
More Works by Brian Massey
Pony Soldier Shield
"Pony Soldier Spirit Shield"
- by Brian Massey
"Lakota Moccasins"
- by Brian Massey
War Shirt
"War Shirt"
- by Brian Massey
Possibles Bag
"Possibles Bag" -
by Brian Massey

Brian Massey     'Luna Negro'     phone: 416-240-9278
105 Clement Rd      Etobicoke ON   M9R 4C2