Shirley Ivison
Figurative Artist ~ Olde World Santas
Irish Santa
"An Irish Santa" - by Shirley Ivison

Victorian father Christmas
"Victorian Father Christmas" - by Shirley Ivison


Shirley Ivison has been interested in art and fine crafts of several forms since childhood. First it was sketching animal portraits, then textile/fibre crafts: sewing, upholstering, crochet and finally decorative painting most through self teaching and workshops.

She stumbled upon her most successful creations accidentally; a simple Santa figure with a plain Hamish doll style face, wearing a hooded, fur trimmed robe. Later she began to experiment with shaping and moulding felt; then a finer fabric with a stiffening agent, to develop faces with a 'sculpted' three-dimensional appearance. These are often mistaken for ceramic or porcelain. Through extensive research in any publication she could find, she set out on the discovery of Santa legends.

Shirley now creates over thirty different Santa models, depicting the Evolution of Santa Claus from before Christianity to our present day Santa; Canadian North Santas, Classic European style santas and Fibre Art Santas.

Shirley's Santas have been sold throughout the United States and Canada as well as abroad in England, Taiwan and Australia.
I gain much satisfaction as each Santa character emerges and as I discover yet another legend. The enchantment of visitors to my studio when they discover my Santas delights me.

It disappoints me that the world seems to be keen to adopt the present day North American Santa, (a commercial creation), in place of the charming, legendary Christmas characters of centuries ago. In my own small way, I strive to keep the old Christmas legends alive with my interpretations of the Olde World Santas.
- Shirley Ivison
More Works by Shirley Ivison
North Woods Santa
"A North Woods Santa"
- by Shirley Ivison
Scottish Santa
"A Scottish Santa"
- by Shirley Ivison
Father Christmas
"18C Father Christmas"
- by Shirley Ivison
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