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The Origin of the Jack Vance Golf Classic
opening ceremony
Opening Ceremony of the
First Jack Vance Golf Classic, 2008

There isn't enough room here to acknowledge the illustrious career of Jack Vance or to outline all of the things he has done in his community. Of course, we must mention his 50 prestigious years in Canada's military service, but mostly, we shall concentrate on his untiring commitment to the Tweed & Area Arts Council in its establishment from a 'thought-child' in 2005 into an incorporated (2007), charitable organization and his assistance in 2008 of the acquisition of the Actinolite Church. The church now renamed the Marble Church Centre for the Arts is in the process of renovation. If the building can no longer function as a church, there is nothing more apt than its future use for Tweed and the surrounding area still serving the community!

Once it was established that the church could, unfortunately, no longer support its own congregation, Jack became involved, through his association with the St. John's United Church, as Chair of the Committee which considered how best to consolidate the two congregations and the future of Actinolite Church. He recognized the community's need for a special place to coordinate the many talents of its residents and their enthusiasm for the arts. And through his involvement with this committee, he also became a founding member of the Tweed & Area Arts Council.

jack tees off
Jack's Tee Off

Jack's interest and personal involvement in the arts is extensive. He has very fond memories of his introduction to painting. For their first wedding anniversary, his beloved wife, Sheila, presented him with a box of oil paints. He believes that everyone has a creative need, which should be expressed, and the earlier in life this expression of creativity is nurtured, the better. He found his love of painting became therapeutic since his military career demanded so much of him.

He is also well known for his acting capabilities. His sense of fun has made it possible to bring more than a touch of mischief into some of the characters he has portrayed. He is further involved with the arts by his membership in the St. John's United Choir.

We now hear from Jack's son Brigadier-General Jonathan Vance, Commander of the Canadian Armed Forces in Afghanistan, reporting to Canadians on action in Kandahar.

Jack was born in the Municipality of Tweed (just across from Vanderwater Park) and grew up in Thomasburg. Even though he has traveled the world, his roots brought him back home. Jack started golfing 'late' in life and states that he plays 'poorly but enthusiastically'.

He foresees the Tweed & Area Arts Council becoming involved with many activities including programmes for youth (especially introducing arts classes back into the school system) and programmes for seniors.

Without Jack's guidance, dedication and forethought, the Tweed & Area Arts Council would not exist.
Thank you, Jack for everything you have accomplished on our behalf.
The Tweed & Area Arts Council Board and Members
2017 was the final year of "The Jack Vance Golf Classic"