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Tuesday, June 8, 6 PM,
Tweed Municipal Building, parking lot,
255 Metcalfe St., Tweed.


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Elvis needs a favor
Many years ago the press broke the story that Elvis had quietly migrated from the bright lights to the greater Tweed area (gTa). As we all know, Elvis has been a good neighbour. Now in his 75th year, he attributes his longevity to the generosity and support of the folks of the gTa and a magic ingredient in the water supply.

With the downturn in the economy Elvis has determined that he can help folks turn things around. Rejuvenated by life in the kinder, gentler, greater Tweed area, Elvis has developed a plan. He has just set out to Ottawa to visit Paul A, to stage their comeback as a group. They intend a revival of Diana and the logistics for a Thriller of a tour, the proceeds of which will benefit the arts and the good folks in the gTa. In order to leave his home in the gTa Elvis has asked his friends to take good care of his goat Elvis while he is away, Elvis' goat Elvis requires her own room, fresh water and hay daily and, lots of exercise. But, she will assist in keeping the lawn trim.

The Event: (And we would appreciate your support, starting to talk it up)
The Tweed & Area Arts Council and the Tweed Kiwanis are promoting a novel, new 'goat insurance' fun raising event that people can't resist because they can't stop laughing. And the opportunity to give a goat to a 'friend' is priceless.

Here is how it works
For $5,
a person can provide the names of three (3) people to T&AAC / Kiwanis who they would like to see mind Elvis' goat Elvis. We will then contact each of those persons explaining to them that they have a chance to win the opportunity to mind Elvis's goat Elvis.

But, for $10, they can buy 'goat insurance' to protect themselves from being entered into the raffle and the ultimate responsibility of having to look after Elvis' goat Elvis.

Elvis's goat Elvis is friendly but at about 80 pounds, requires her own room, fresh hay and water daily and, lots of exercise. In return she will assist in keeping the lawn trim. Folks may well be a little concerned about winning the opportunity of having to take good care of Elvis' goat Elvis.

The fun raiser will kick off June 8. At the Tweed Municipal Council meeting on June 8, 2010, 6:00 PM, the Council will issue a proclamation requesting that the good people of the greater Tweed area find a home for Elvis' goat Elvis while Elvis is away from his adopted home.

The new Trenton base commander Colonel Cochrane will attend the June 8 Council meeting along with the Base Warrant Officer West to address Council and meet Elvis' goat Elvis.

At that meeting we shall be explaining to Colonel Cochrane that Elvis misses his goat Elvis and we are making an official request that the air force fly Elvis' goat Elvis to Los Vegas to join Elvis.

The winner of the raffle does get a visit from Elvis' goat Elvis, but after the fun wears off the goat is returned to it's owner,Elvis on July 5.

Tickets will go on sale in a few weeks.

Flyers are going out soon to the T&AAC, Kiwanis, Lions, Legion and other groups to announce that T&AAC / Kiwanis will be raffling off the opportunity to mind Elvis' goat Elvis for an indefinite period of time.