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'Art in the Park'
Here are a few photos of the 2010 event captured by Meriel Child and Maril Swan.

Each small image is a link to an enlargement
Art in the Park as a Tweed was fairly well attended this year. We would like to thank the Tweed Kiwanis Club with whom we partnered and without whom it would not have become such a success.
It was a beautiful weekend. Unfortunately it did not attract as many exhibiting artists as last year.
T&AAC display
T&AAC ready for new members
 Memorial Park
Tweed Memorial Park
on 'Art in the Park' weekend

Audrey Ross
Painter Audrey Ross
and her work
Paul Shier
Sculptor Paul Shier
and his work     
The Children's art area was very popular this year at Art in the Park. Special thanks to Emily Conchie and Lindsay McNulty for their leadership with the children. Several parents were happy to sit and paint with their children and expressed appreciation for the resource. Thanks to Catherine Conchie for the hats, markers, plasticene, etc. that she donated for the children to use.
Children's table
Children's Table
at Art in the Park 2010
Childrens work childrens art painting by Mendham
Children's work table
and art on the fence
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