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Tweed & Area Arts Council Annual General Meeting
Monday, September 24, 2018, 7:00 P.M.
Marble Arts Centre
13 Bridgewater Street,
Actinolite, Ontario


1. Welcome

2. Approval of Agenda
Motion: “To approve the agenda”

3. Approval of Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Members held on September 25, 2017
Motion: To approve the minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the members held on September 25, 2017.

4. Nominations

Election of Board of Directors Oct. 1,2018-Sept.30,2020, Renewals and New Candidates.
Motion: “To accept the Nominations and slate of directors renewing their terms and new candidates as presented for 2018-2020”.

5. Report of the Treasurer - Bob Giguere
Motion: “To accept the report of the treasurer as presented”

6. Appointment of Auditors/Reviewers for fiscal year 2018
Motion: “To appoint Welch LLP as Auditors/Reviewers for the 2018 fiscal year”

7. Committee and Progress Reports
(a) Marble Arts Centre . . . Bob Giguere
(b) Communications . . . Vicki McCulloch
(c) Membership . . . Bonnie Marentette
(d) Youth Program . . . Bonnie Marentette
(e) Art in the Park . . . Bonnie Marentette
(f) Program . . . Mark Lesage, Gary McLeod
(f) Marble Arts Players . . . Mark Lesage
Motion: “To accept the committee and progress reports as presented”

8. Approval of the actions of the board
Motion: “That all acts, actions and proceedings of the T&AAC since the last general meeting are hereby ratified, confirmed and approved.”

9. Other business and Open Discussion

10. Adjournment
Motion: “To adjourn the 2018 Annual General Meeting of the Tweed & Area Arts Council”

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